My Background

What seems a long time ago ! I gained a degree in Graphics. That was before the days of computer graphics, we used rulers, pens and lettraset !
I then gained a PG Cert Ed and went into teaching. Later I diversified into Financial Sales.
But my hankering was always towards art and in particular textiles, so I decided to enroll in City and Guilds Creative Embroidery where I learned that my sewing machine could do all sorts of things it wasn't designed to do !
While teaching Art part time I decided to gain a BA Hons in Fine Art which was swiftly followed by an MA in Fine Art (which seemed to include a good deal of French philosophy ! What was that all about ??)
I was invited to become a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors and then exhibited my work internationally. 

Linda presents her work to Lady Archer at The Mall Gallery


After a few years, I opened a Fine Art Gallery on the South Coast and ran this for 7 years.

The Art House owned by Linda for 7 years.

Where strange things happened !


Finally I closed the gallery when sadly my father died in May 2010 and I had to divert a lot of my time to supporting my 87 year old mother.
So, I have reverted to my first love, textile art.
You can see the result of my endeavors on the site .
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